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These Things Can Make Your Home More Appealing to Burglars and Put You at Higher Risk for a Break-in

A home break-in can be a scary, traumatic experience. Unfortunately, break-ins are extremely common; according to data from the FBI, in 2022, there were more than 847,000 break-ins in the US.

While there’s no guaranteed way to protect yourself from a home break-in, some homes are more appealing to burglars than others. If you want to lower your chances of a break-in, you should know what makes a home an easy target.

recent article from outlined signs that can signal to burglars that a home is an easy target and increase the risk for break-ins, including:

  • No alarm system. If you don’t have an alarm system installed, it can send a message to burglars that they can get in and get out easily without setting off an alarm, which can play a major role in which house they choose to burglarize. In fact, according to the article, burglars are 300% more likely to target a home without an alarm system vs. a home equipped with alarms. So, if you want to protect your home from break-ins, installing an alarm system is a great start.
  • Mail pile-ups. When a burglar sees an overflowing mailbox, it indicates that the homeowner hasn’t picked up their mail for at least a few days, which is a sign that they’re likely not home, making it the ideal time for a break-in. If you have to go out of town, ask a friend or neighbor to pick up your mail.
  • No outdoor lighting. To successfully break into a home, burglars need to fly under the radar. That’s why a home without any outdoor lighting is ideal; it allows the burglar to watch the home and try different entry points without being seen. To avoid the issue, make sure the exterior of your home and property is well-lit with automatic and/or motion-sensor lights. Make sure the lights cover any potential entry points, like doors or windows.

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